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Even if Europe is looking for a bridge-builder to the Trump presidency, it would be unlikely to outsource that task to Britain, a country that is torching its own bridges with Europe. As for Mr Trump, it is not bridges but walls that are his preferred kind of construction project. He scorns the EU and gleefully expresses the hope that it will fall apart. This is one of the many reasons why Mrs May ought to be highly wary of how far she is willing to go to achieve intimacy with the new occupant of the White House. I have heard very senior officials in the British government describe her recent trip to Washington as looking desperate and needy. In response to that criticism, her allies say that you have to play the cards you are dealt and you dont get to choose which leaders other countries put around the table. Mr Trump cannot be simply ignored. He is now the most powerful man on the planet. When asked what tangibles the prime minister extracted from her visit, they argue that she moved him from his previous view that Nato is obsolete. It is notable, though, that the claim that he is now 100% committed to Nato were words the prime minister put into his mouth, not ones he uttered himself. Her allies were delighted that the president compared their relationship to Ronald Reagans bond with Margaret Thatcher, rather than seeing that as the self-serving flannel of a serial fabulist.

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THE SCORES ARE GOING TO BE LOW For all the feelgood factor, there should be legitimate concerns about the scoring or more accurately lack thereof in round one. No one should be expecting AFL-type scores in these matches, primarily because AFLW games consisting of four quarters of 15 minutes with limited time on are effectively half the length of men's matches. Even then though, the totals this weekend were alarmingly low. The four losing teams each kicked just a single goal. Carlton's Darcy Vescio bagged 4.1 on Friday night against Collingwood, meaning she comfortably outscored all four of the losing teams, and equalled the score of the Brisbane Lions in their win over Melbourne on Sunday. A relative lack of kicking penetration in the women's game won't be changed overnight, but as Western Bulldogs coach Paul Groves said after his team's win over Fremantle, coaches need to take some responsibility for enhancing the game as a spectacle. Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images Lauren Arnell of the Blues thanks fans at the first AFLW match between Carlton and Collingwood. CROSS-CODE STARS ARE UP TO THE TASK Because much elite women's sport in this country remains semi-professional, a glut of top athletes from other sports decided to shift their attention to AFL for this historic season. As a group they provided plenty too. On Friday night it was former Matildas goalkeeper Brianna Davey for Carlton, arguably best afield with a dominant display as a rebounding defender.